Rental & Crew Terms
• Minimum daily rental is $200.
• Minimum rental period is one day.
• Special rates for a week or longer are available.
• Unless other arrangements have been made equipment rentals must be returned before 11:00 am or full rental will be charged for that day.  Equipment may be
picked up after 3:00 pm the day before the start of the rental period.
• All pickups and returns are by appointment only.

• Crew labor rates are based on 10 hours on location within the Chicago Zone. (a radius of 40 miles from State and Madison, Chicago).
• Time and a half is charged after 10 hours, Double time after 12 hours.
• Drivers are billed “portal to portal”, overtime may apply.
• A minimum of a 30 minute scheduled lunch is required and included “on the clock” per 10 hours.

• Equipment rentals cancelled less than 24 hours prior to pick up will result in a full day charge.
• Crew cancelled less than 48 hours prior to shoot will result in a full day charge

• Mileage rates may vary. Vans and trucks are billed at a higher rate than standard IRS mileage rates.
• All expendables, hard drives, travel and lodge expenses, vehicle mileage, parking, airfare, per diem costs and other “out of pocket” expenses are additional
and/or available by bid.

All Accounts and / or invoices are due upon receipt unless other arrangements have been made prior to time of booking. Accounts and / or invoices that are past due beyond the customer’s terms are subject to an additional 2% per month (24% per year) service charge. Out of town customers are C.O.D. unless other arrangements have are made prior to booking. Your Credit card will be charged automatically unless a check is presented at the end of the final shoot day. Shoot files, hard drives or other materials will only be released upon payment in full.
• For account holders with Visions of Light, terms are Net 30. Your credit card will be charged automatically if payment is not made in 30 days.
• Payments can be made with Cash, Check, Credit Card or PayPal. If paying by check, make checks payable to “Visions of Light, Inc.”
• If paying by check, your credit card will be pre-authorized in the amount of your rental and credit authorization will be released immediately upon full payment.
• Your credit card will be automatically charged on the 5th day after the invoice is sent if payment by check is not received.
• 4% processing fee will be added to invoice total for credit card payment, 5% for customers with cards from outside of the USA.

Prices and specifications in our catalog and website are subject to change without notice.
These policies are subject to change without notice at any time by Visions of Light, Inc.. and / or it’s subcontractors, or agents.